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Spark Customer Special Bulletin

Spark Customer Special Bulletin

Many spark users have asked for information on the best way to mount booster boards inside the bird.
One of our spark customers has provided some photos, which are now available on the wiki site.

Check out the link below, and see how easy it is to mount our booster kit inside your bird.
NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit installation guide for DJI Spark

We have one more thing to read if you have not already seen it. Check out the story of one of our customers who flew an aircraft 17 kilometres away. He had some problems that were not related to signal strength.
This story is not the longest range we have heard with our boosters, but it is the funniest. We have seen a flight of around 30 kilometres, but read this story for now.

If this news and story make you want to give it a try, check out the boosters in the store.
NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit for DJI drones

We also have contacts in the US and Poland who can do the install work if you're still a little timid. Want more info?
Come chat with us on our discord server. It's only just launched, and we've already got hundreds of users all tuning in to help each other with drone-related topics.
NLD Discord

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