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Have a Mavic AIR? Time to undust it!

Have a Mavic AIR? Time to undust it!

If you have a Mavic AIR dusting around then it is time to undust it, free it from spiders..and DJIs shackles!

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that NLD fully support unlocking your old Mavic AIR on all firmware.

The new update allows altitude unlock and RED NFZ unlock!

With full unlocks and a speed boost the old Mavic AIR becomes a wild one, wihich is super fun to fly.

For the hacking community the Mavic AIR was a strange drone which did not really fit into the usual DJI way.
It was considered somewhat a misfit and guniea pig that DJI released in an attempt to try out new ways.

Because of this no one really bothered trying to hack it including ourselves.
We made a few half hearted attempts and concluded that it was not worth the time nor the effort.

Due to that fact it just makes us super happy to finally being able to say that YES, we actually did it!
Better late than never as they say :)

There is no better time than now to dig out your old Mavic AIR and give it a little TLC and turn it into the beast it potentially is.