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  • Bright 7-inch HD screen
  • IP54-certified
  • Six physical buttons for mission-critical functions
  • 6 hours on-screen time
  • Internal battery plus swappable external battery
  • Ports for microSD card, USB, HDMI, USB-C
  • 4G connectivity

DJI MAVIC 3 / 3 PRO / 3C / MINI 3 Pro / AIR2S
3E / 3T / 3M/ 3D
M350RTK / M300RTK / M30T

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DJI RC Plus with extended compatibility

Compatible drones:
DJI MAVIC 3 / 3 PRO / 3C / MINI 3 Pro / AIR2S
3E / 3T / 3M/  3D
M350RTK / M300RTK / M30T

We have secured an endless stream of second hand/pre-owned DJI RC PLUS remote controllers from China.
The price is really good and we have extended the compatibility with more drones than DJI!
M300 RTK and M350 RTK is fully supported regardless of the firmware used on the drone.

The DJI RC Plus is the new flagship Enterprise remote controller from DJI.

Professional pilots have high expectations for their remote controllers, and the new DJI RC Plus remote controller exceeds those expectations. A 7-inch-wide high-definition screen with exceptional brightness allows pilots to view more visual information on the DJI RC Plus, allowing them to fly more efficiently. Because the DJI RC Plus, like the M30 drone, is IP54 rated, it may be used in severe rain without being damaged.

The DJI RC Plus is equipped with six physical buttons located below the control sticks and adjacent to the display. They make flying much easier by allowing you to operate mission-critical tasks such as toggling between wide-angle, zoom, infrared, and FPV views without having to take your hands off the control sticks.

The RC has a screen-on time limit of 6 hours. It is equipped with an internal battery as well as being compatible with a swappable external battery, which prevents mission interruption. MicroSD card, USB, HDMI, USB type C, and 4G connectivity (where available)[3] are all available on the DJI RC Plus for clients who require redundancy in their data transmission.
Swapable external battery is not included unless added to chosen in the selection boxes.

This item ships from our warehouse in China, estimated delivery time is 5-10 days world wide